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Columbus Grove

Community Overview

The Village of Columbus Grove is located near the southern boundary of Putnam County. It is situated an equal distance of 65 miles from the Fort Wayne, Indiana and Toledo, Ohio metropolitan areas. The community centers in a predominantly agricultural area for which it provides commercial services.

Columbus Grove North Site

Columbus Grove South Site 


Community Overview

The Village of Continental is located in the northwest  corner of Putnam County. Continental's primary industry is agriculture, but has large areas reserved for industrial development. Their  principal industry, Verhoff Machine & Welding, manufactures US Military and Defense parts,  automotive parts and agricultural land-leveling equipment.

Continental Site #1

Continental Site #2


Community Overview

The Village of Kalida is located in the west-central section of Putnam County. It is advantageously situated on St. Rt. 224 approximately 14 miles from US 30 and 21 miles from Interstate 75. Kalida's progressive and pro-business attitude has been instrumental in retaining  major industries like Unverferth Manufacturing & Remlinger Manufacturing which produce agricultural tillage equipment  and attracting new businesses like BK Tool a CNC facility and Kalida Manufacturing Inc. which produces welded automotive car components..

Kalida Site #2


Community Overview

The Village of Leipsic is located in the northeast quadrant of Putnam County within a very productive agricultural area. Qualities like community pride, belief in continuing education and a strong work ethic are reasons for the success of major industries which produce Pro-tec Coating Company's galvanized steel, Proctor&Gamble's pet food, Poet Energy's ethanol  and  Patrick Product's plastic products. The Leipsic Community Railroad links together the Norfolk Southern Railroad, the CSXT Railroad and the Indiana & Ohio Railroad creating the only true Triple-Rail Site in the eastern half of the United States.

Iron Highway Industrial Park- Site 1

Iron Highway Industrial Park- Site 2

Iron Highway Industrial Park- Site 3  OHIO INSITE FEATURED SITE

Iron Highway Industrial Park- Site 4 

Iron Highway Industrial Park- Site 5

Iron Highway Industrial Park- Site 6

Iron Highway Industrial Park- Site 7

Iron Highway Industrial Park- Site 9


Community Overview

The Village of Ottawa is the county seat of Putnam County. Ottawa is centrally located in a diverse and productive agricultural region. The major industries manufacture television picture tubes, freezers, windows and doors, plastic containers, tomato products and special semi-trailers and processed steel.

Highland Industrial Park Site #2

Highland Industrial Park Site #3

Highland Industrial Park Site #1


Community Overview

The Village of Ottoville is located in the south-west section of Putnam County. Ottoville provides commercial services to the surrounding area which is predominantly agricultural. Local industries produce screw machine products, livestock trailers, metal fabrication, injection molding and precision machining.

Ottoville Industrial Park


Community Overview

The Village of Pandora is situated in the center of three communities sharing industry, civic, social, educational and economic diversity. Pandora is 6 miles from Bluffton, 6 miles from Columbus Grove and 10 miles from Ottawa, the county seat of Putnam County. The major industries manufacture automotive chemical products and material handling equipment.

Pandora Industrial Park